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  • I'd heard about the Montana Post Drivers, so I rented one to try it out. I ended up liking it so much that I bought my own. If I had to go back to the old way, I'd quit! It's easy and safe enough to use that I can trust all of my crew with it.
    Fence Contractor from Hagerstown, MD.

  • The other post pounds need to have welders, steel, and insurance plans to operate. The Montana Post Driver is the only way to go!
    Southern Ohio Cattle Ranch

  • Montana Post Drivers move more than any other piece of rental equipment I have!
    - Rental Store Owner from Montana

  • "If you only have a hammer, all you see is a nail." The Montana post driver is different but it does the job better and safer than the traditional post drivers. growing up in Kansas, i saw a lot of fences made and made several myself, mostly with a 3 point auger, spud bar and shovel. that was all we knew ... that was our 'hammer'. I wish we had this kind of post driver back when I was growing up in the '70's in western Kansas, my back would be better and I would have avoided several other injuries as well. Give your employees and associates quality tools and let them set their own goals. no drama, just teamwork.
    Mike M. Mother Earth Farms LLC www.motherearthfarmsllc.com